Innov Analysis Systems (IAS)

  • Measurement of gassy H2S
  • Trace measurement by colorimetry, from the ppb to the ppm
  • NOVASULF HG range
  • Measurement of total sulphur in the gas
  • Measurement by colorimetry after conversion into H2S, from the ppb to the ppm NOVASULF TG range
  • Measurement of H2S in the water
  • Measurement by electrochemical cell in the range of the ppm
  • WATERSULF range
  • ATEX approved Zone I


Traces H2O, ppb and ppm

Ametek – Range 3050 Oil/gas, petrochemical, pure gases

  • Humidity measurement in all types of gases (natural gas, pure gases, olefins)
  • Quartz Crystal Microbalance Technology with internal standard
  • Measurement range from the ppb to the thousand ppm
  • Several assemblies available:
  • Approved ATEX version Zone I, rack, panel, mural…



Ametek – 58XX/59XX Models

  • Humidity measurement in pure gases
  • Quartz Crystal Microbalance Technology with internal standard
  • Measurement range from the ppb to the hundred ppm
  • Lower detection limit: 20 ppb for the 58XX,
  • Models 5910/5920 for practically pure gases



Ametek – 303B model

  • Measurement in medical gases: N2, Ar, N2O, CO2, O2…
  • Electrolytic cell technology P2O5
  • Measurement range: 0 – 1000 ppm (0 – 2000 optional)
  • Reading on front display before registration of possible data




Ametek – 5100P model

  • Measurement in natural gas and hydrocarbons
  • Laser technology (TDLAS)
  • Internal reference cell for self-verification
  • Measurement range 0 -250 ppm to 0 – 2500 ppm
  • ATEX approved




Trace measurement of H2O, d’H2S, CH4 or CO2 in all types of gas

Ametek –Laser Technology Oil/gas, refinery, petrochemistry

  • Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectrophotometer (TDLAS)
  • Measurement H20, H2S, CO2, CH4, CO, O2
  • Measurement ranges from the ppm to the %
  • Internal reference for self-verification
  • ATEX approved
  • 5100P portable model for trace measurement of H20


H2S and Sulphur, of ppm at % Vol

Ametek –UV technologies for oil/gas, refinery, petrochemistry

  • 880/881 models: tail gas H2S, SO2 with measurement at %
  • 9XX models: analysis of sulphur compounds type H2S, SO2, COS, mercaptans, from the ppm to the %
  • 9900RM model: sulphur and saltpetre compounds, from the ppm to the%
  • IPS-4 model: UV and IR, analysis of NH3, Cl2, F2
  • ATEX approved, protection IP65


Combustion control and O2 measurement

Ametek –Thermox process optimisation range for refining, oil/gas

  • Technology: ZrO2 cell
  • Measurement of standard O2 from 0 – 1% to 0 – 100%
  • Measurement of unburned products (hydrogen, CO, ppm) and hydrocarbons (lower flammability limit)
  • optional clogging capacity alarm
  • Probes adapted for gases up to 1648°C
  • ATEX approved Zone II


Measurement of VOC, O2, H2, CO2 in fermentation and in the pharmaceutical field

Ametek mass spectrometers–Dycor range Application in fermentation, industrial hygiene, pharmaceutical

  • Scales 1-100, 1-200 or 1-300 AMU
  • Measurement range from the ppm to the %
  • Up to 24 measuring channels
  • Measurement of VOC (benzene, VCM), O2, CO2
  • ATEX version possible