Aeronautics – Aerospace

This industry requires the use and storage of extremely toxic and flammable products.

Hydrogen is always a very difficult element to detect; AUTOCHIM proposes an ultrasonic analyser for a reliable and robust detection of all pressurised gases.

Thanks to its technology optical fibre can detect gas leaks on a process on the one hand and abnormal temperature rises that may cause a fire to break out on the other.

AUTOCHIM also proposes a range of gas and flame detector to detect these potential risks.

In addition, some gas analysers are sometimes used for flight tests to monitor the concentration of various gases like halons. Don’t hesitate to contact us for your requests in this respect.

Thanks to optical fibre, AUTOCHIM offers intrusion and malicious act detection systems thus monitoring zebra crossings, vehicles or machines over very large distances and differentiating them from background noise.

Moreover, AUTOCHIM accompanies you throughout your project: from advice and preliminary project audits, project monitoring within its Engineering department, commissioning as well as academic training courses or onsite training, to maintenance contracts and periodic audits.