ASTM Measurements

Flash Point, Cloud point and Defrosting Point, Vapour Pressure


Physical measurements for fuels:

  • Defrosting point
  • Cloud point
  • Flash point
  • Colour
  • Vapour pressure
  • Distillation
  • Tactile screen integrated with complete diagnosis tool
  • ATEX approved Zone I explosion proof, IP65 cases


Sulphur from the ppm to the % Vol

Thermo SOLA : Analysis in fuels and gases

  • On-line analysis of total sulphur oxidation of the sulphur in SO2 and measurement by pulsated UV fluorescence
  • Measurement range: from the ppm to several thousand ppm
  • SOLA Trace version for measurements less than 2 ppm
  • ATEX approved


Ametek 682 model Oil/Gas, refinery

  • Measurement of % and thousands of ppm of S in the fuel oil (heavy fuel oil, heating oil, crude)
  • Transmission by x-ray technology
  • No maintenance
  • ATEX approved