Given its activity, petrochemistry has the same kind of risks as refining. So you will find the same safety systems as in this field:

AUTOCHIM offers a wide range of products meeting these needs:

  • The detection of hydrocarbon gases and fumes is ensured by catalytic bead, infrared or ultrasonic point detectors. For perimeter surveillance, linear detectors are used such as NDIR, laser or optical fibre barriers (pressurised gas or liquid leaks on the pipeline).
  • For the detection of H2S, specific thin film semiconductor detectors (MOS) offer exceptional resistance to low and high temperatures and very dry or very humid atmospheres. These point detectors can be combined with laser linear detection.
  • Other toxic gases (CO, CO2, NH3, HF) can be detected by electrochemical point detectors in the same way. For large distances and perimeter detection like laser linear barriers and optical fibre offer a very attractive alternative
  • In addition, flame detectors allow any fire outbreak on installations to be anticipated.
  • For the protection of electrical rooms, AUTOCHIM offers early smoke detection systems (HSSD) to detect abnormal heating before a fire starts and thus act earlier to get the equipment to a safe place.

These detectors are installed in a fixed position and connected to a detection station that manages automatic controls such as flashing lights, sirens, power cuts. These stations also allow fire fighting installations to be managed by gas (CO2, NOVEC, Argon, FM200…) or by water and foam deluge.

Most analysers used in petrochemistry are also used in refining: quartz hygrometers to measure traces of humidity (from 0.1 to a few ppm), to measure traces of H2S in cracked gases, a TDL laser analyser for various applications, analysers of traces of oil in water to detect leaks on exchangers…

Thanks to optical fibre, AUTOCHIM offers intrusion and malicious act detection systems thus monitoring zebra crossings, vehicles or machines over very large distances and differentiating them from background noise.

Moreover, AUTOCHIM accompanies you throughout your project: from advice and preliminary project audits, project monitoring within its Engineering department, commissioning as well as academic training courses or onsite training, to maintenance contracts and periodic audits.