Control of effluents on emission

AUTOCHIM proposes gas analysers in situ to control your gaseous effluents (SO2, NOx, CO2, CO…) by IR or UV technology. These appliances can also be used upstream in household waste incineration plants to determine the concentration of HCl and SO2 to treat. In situ technology allows complex and costly sample treatments to be avoided.

These in situ appliances are also used to control SO2 effluents from ships and the SO2/CO2 measurement according to the IMO Marpol standard annex VI.

In addition, AUTOCHIM proposes total/VOC hydrocarbon analysers by flame ionisation: these appliances can be fixed or portable.

Moreover, AUTOCHIM accompanies you throughout your project: from advice and preliminary project audits, project monitoring within its Engineering department, commissioning as well as academic training courses or onsite training, to maintenance contracts and periodic audits.