Measurement on emission (SO2, NOx, VOC…) and Marine applications (SO2/CO2)

Protea–  Process and environment

  • P2000 in situ analyser for measurement on process and raw smoke until FTIS atmosFTIS
    for measurements on emission or ambient measurements, fixed or transportable.
  • Solus laser for the measurement of NH3 or HCL.
  • ProMass mass spectrometer for particular gases or industrial hygiene.



Ratfisch Chemistry, pharmacy

  • Detection technology by flame ionisation (FID)
  • Continuous monitoring of total hydrocarbons in gassy effluents
  • Measurement range from the ppm to the %
  • Portable RS53-T or fixed RS55-T Model


Turner Designs

  • UV fluorescence technology
  • Measurement of oils and oil hydrocarbons in water
  • Portable model: TD-550 and TD-560
  • Industrial analyser for online monitoring no-ATEX : TD-120
  • ATEX approved industrial model: TD-4100XD/C
  • Application for desalination, effluents in oil production waters or leak detection on exchanger in refinery and petrochemistry
  • Measurement range: from the ppb to the ppm


Industrial hygiene (VOC such as benzene, VCM, CFC…)

Ametek mass spectrometers –Dycor range Application in fermentation, industrial hygiene, pharmaceutical

  • Scales 1-100, 1-200 or 1-300 AMU
  • Measurement range from the ppm to the %
  • Up to 24 measuring channels
  • Measurement of VOC (benzene, VCM), O2, CO2
  • ATEX version possible

Greenhouse effect gas technologies (SF6, CO2, N2O, CH4, NH3)

Advanced Energy

  • Multi-gas analyser by photoacoustic technology
  • INNOVA range, 1512 model
  • Measurement of greenhouse effect gases (SF6, CO2, N2O, CH4, NH3), from the ppb to the ppm.
  • Analysis of VOC such as benzene, VCM or CFC in industrial hygiene
  • Measurement of ventilation by tracer gas
  • Possibility of measuring in 12 or 24 points with a multiplexer