Chemical Industry

The chemical sector uses a number of sometimes highly toxic products: AUTOCHIM offers a wide range of electrochemical detectors to detect these gases. At the same time, other technologies can be used such as laser barriers for perimeter detection or detection over very long distances, ultrasonic technology to detect pressurised gas leaks, optical fibre to monitor both the evolution of a process and detect a gas leak.

AUTOCHIM proposes hygrometers that can measure the moisture content in any type of gas: Cl2, HCl, halogenated solvents …

AUTOCHIM also proposes process UV analyses for Cl2 or F2 measurements, for example in your processes as well as multipoint analysis systems, for the ambient monitoring of toxic solvents such as VCM and other chlorinated hydrocarbons or fluorocarbons: this can be done by photoacoustics or by mass spectrometry.

Thanks to optical fibre, AUTOCHIM offers intrusion and malicious act detection systems thus monitoring zebra crossings, vehicles or machines over very large distances and differentiating them from background noise.

Moreover, AUTOCHIM accompanies you throughout your project: from advice and preliminary project audits, project monitoring within its Engineering department, commissioning as well as academic training courses or onsite training, to maintenance contracts and periodic audits.