New in the Analysis department: PROTEA

08 Feb 2019

New distribution agreement between PROTEA and AUTOCHIM

We are happy to announce that the PROTEA Company based in England has decided to put its trust in AUTOCHIM to develop its business in France. PROTEA is counting on the expertise acquired by AUTOCHIM in such varied business sectors as chemistry, petrochemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, food, water treatment (…) to develop its foothold on the French market. This new partnership represents a real opportunity for manufacturers with analysis problems looking for reliable hi-tech solutions.

AUTOCHIM is presently in a position to offer a new analysis technology based on the principle of a Fourier transform infrared spectrometer (FTIR). This new solution complements an already very complete range of instruments (and analysis techniques). FTIR technology can take measurements at both a very low concentration (µg/m3 or ppb) and a high indeed very high one (mg/m3 and %). This technology can also be coupled with multiplexing systems to analyse more than 30 measuring points with a single analyser.

These solutions are perfectly adapted to the monitoring of processes, measurements on emission as well as measurements in the environment.

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