Distran ATEX certified ultrasound camera Ultra Pro X

Ultra Pro X - Ultrasound camera for gas leak detection ATEX certified

04 Feb 2021

We are very happy to announce the release of the ULTRA PRO X by DISTRAN, the first ATEX certified Ultrasound Camera for Gas Leak Detection in the world. This version was highly anticipated and is a great addition to the equipment distributed by Autochim in Africa.
ULTRA PRO X is a single handed user-friendly camera used to capture ultrasounds emitted by gas leaks and overlay this information in real-time onto a high-definition image captured by the embedded camera. Leaks can be easily spotted by the trained operators in a very efficient manner in all industrial plants.

Check out the official release announcement and learn more about the Distran Camera: https://distran.swiss/atex-intrisically-safe-ultrasound-camera-gas-leak-detection/

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