Gas Leak Detection by Acoustic Leak Imaging (ALI Method)

Since the end of 2019, Autochim signed a distribution agreement with DISTRAN to develop its business in 21 African countries.

28 Jul 2020


The ultrasound camera Ultra Pro pinpoints and quantifies leaks of any type of gas in a fast, safe and reliable manner. Thanks to its integrated 124 microphones, Ultra Pro can locate the sources of ultrasounds emitted by gas (and vacuum) leaks from up to 50 meters.
When a sound wave hits the surface of the device, it reaches each individual microphone at a different time. From these small-time differences, the device reconstructs the position of the source (i.e. the leak).
This acoustic information is overlaid in real-time with an optical image, allowing the operator to “see” the leak. Moreover, Ultra Pro displays the estimated leak rate (in L/h) so the user can prioritize the maintenance and repair of leaks.


Real time visualization on integrated screen:


  • Single hand-held device, 1.4kg
  • Pinpoints leaks of any gas in real-time from a safe distance of up to 50 meters
  • Estimates leak rate in real time (Liters/hour) to assess leak severity and define maintenance priorities
  • Takes pictures and videos of detected leaks and voice notes to insert into the inspection report
  • Integrated reporting system


  • People safety and process security
  • Predictive maintenance of high-availability plants
  • Urgent leak searches for critical assets
  • Routine checks for toxic or explosive gases
  • Inspections prior, during and after planned outages
  • Cost-effective inspections of systems using atmospheric gases (compressed air, nitrogen, argon, methane, hydrogen, etc.)

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